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Windows 10 pro education benefits free

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Changing the default to Windows 10 Pro Education can be done by clicking Manage from the top menu bar and selecting the Benefits tile. Windows 10 is a major release of Microsoft’s Windows NT operating system. as a free upgrade for retail copies of Windows 8 and Windows users via.

Windows 10 pro education benefits free.Windows 10 Activator 2022 Free Download Full Version [Latest]


Microsoft Windows is the preferred operating system for millions of customers around the globe. It comes in a few variants, including Pro and Education.

These variants all have different features and advantages, so which Windows is the best fit for you? Windows 10 Education comes with specific features that benefit educators and students, while Windows 10 Pro is designed for professionals of all types to use. Windows 10 Education is effectively a variant of Windows Pro equipped with education-specific default settings and without Cortana.

While there are differences between Windows 10 Education and Pro, they both have a lot in common. This is a result of the fact that Windows 10 Education is a variant of Windows 10 Pro. These are just a few of the fundamental similarities between both Microsoft Windows 10 editions.

Both of these systems are equipped with the same basic features and many of the same added features. They only differ in a few areas and features. Windows 10 Education is an edition of windows designed for schools and universities. It has specific settings and features that provide educators and students with a convenient, secure, and streamlined experience.

One of the significant benefits of Microsoft Education is that it comes with education-specific settings. Schools and colleges often request that students change specific settings in a Window Home or Windows Pro. This can take up a lot of time when taking on new students, as configuring their laptops with the school system can lead to issues.

Microsoft developed Windows Education to solve this issue. Because of the education-specific settings, schools can now seamlessly add new students to their system without any complications. The next significant advantage to using Microsoft Education is the AppLocker feature, which is unique to Windows Education.

The admin for the Microsoft Education account will be able to lock and unlock apps at their discretion. Educators can block out any potentially harmful content, as well as games and other distractions. Students will be less likely to get distracted while working on assignments as a result.

This feature also allows schools with small children to use computers as teachers can block unsuitable content. Windows 10 Education is without a doubt a cost-effective Windows edition and is much cheaper than Pro. The next feature that comes as standard in Windows Education is BranchCache.

BranchCache will store some of the data used locally instead of constantly communicating with the central server. The server will work better as a result. Windows Education comes equipped with two enhanced security features : credential protection and endpoint detection and response.

Credential protection is a credential guard. Visualization-based security isolates single sign-in users. As a result, only the privileged can access specific files or accounts. Endpoint detection and response monitor behaviors and activities on Microsoft Education accounts. This system uses analytics and computer learning to identify and investigate potential security threats. On Windows Education, users will receive far fewer tips and tricks compared to other Windows editions.

Windows Education makes more periodic recommendations on changes and improvements. Windows Education also has less guidance on how to use different programs effectively.

It helps you to save time and focus on what matters most. It also comes equipped with voice activation for maximum convenience. This feature comes disabled on Windows Education; however, this setting can be adjusted so users can use Cortana. Windows 10 Pro has many fantastic advantages designed for professionals to avail of, so they can conveniently and efficiently operate windows. There are many excellent advantages to using Windows Pro. Here are a few of the key benefits you receive when using Windows Pro for your business.

This feature enhances the operating system, so you can go the extra mile while using Windows Pro. This feature assists with hybrid and hardware visualization in the data centers, ensuring proper emulation of the available resources. Domain Join is another great benefit of Microsoft Pro that allows you to access any local domain with crucial devices linked in a single network. This feature is a fantastic organizational tool that allocates jobs and assigns roles to each team member.

Once up and running, Domain Join can save you a lot of time and hassle by providing you with a useful organizational tool. The improved organization will enhance productivity which in turn can lead to more profits for your business.

Another fantastic bonus that you receive when you install Windows Pro is the remote desktop feature. This feature allows you to quickly and effectively manage the IT aspects of your business. You can access different computers within the same local domain with this feature. This makes your IT admin significantly easier and more convenient.

Remote desktop also allows you to access other computers without having to visit the device physically. The Group Policy Management System will grant you granular control over workstations. You can also make use of the Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer and Assigned Access to manage and run your business efficiently. Cortana is a convenient tool that Microsoft describes as a personal productivity assistant.

It has numerous features that can save you time and hassle. It assists with prioritizing tasks, time management, and scheduling.

Cortana can maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your business which can lead to more profits. S, Canada, and the U. While there are many fantastic benefits to choosing Microsoft Pro, there are also a few drawbacks. Here are just a few of the cons that come with Windows Pro. Users have reported issues with Windows Pro when it comes to installing upgrades. Complaints vary across numerous issues relating to downloading and installing updates.

Updates can be automatically installed with Windows Pro, leading to severe disruptions to your business if there are any issues during the automatic update. Problems are common when updating Windows Pro, and it can put your Windows out of action at an inconvenient time. Microsoft has resolved many of the issues mentioned by users, but some problems may still arise while upgrading.

Some of the reported issues include:. Another common complaint of Windows Pro users is the user interface. Older Windows Pro versions will have a lot of bugs and other inconveniences within. One major drawback of Windows Pro is that it can be unsuitable for computers with low storage capacity.

This means that users have to pay extra for devices with ample built-in storage to prevent any issues. This is in part due to the next issue, the setting app.

The settings app is a significant flaw in Windows Pro. This app was designed to replace the control panel function; however, the settings app is incomplete.

This is majorly inconvenient and time-consuming. This causes bugs and issues in different aspects of Windows Pro, including adding extra storage space on devices with low storage capacity. Microsoft has announced the launch of Windows as a service. As a result, Microsoft will no longer be releasing any significant upgrades to Windows Pro.

This is disheartening news for Windows Pro users hoping for bugs to be fixed in the future. Unfinished aspects of Windows Pro, such as the settings app or operating systems, may never be completed.

This means that Microsoft may never fix many of the issues that currently exist in Windows 10 Pro. Last but not least on the list of issues with Windows Pro is the missing features. This can be a significant drawback if you need to use these features for your business. On the flipside, free apps like VLC are excellent media players which can be downloaded and installed in conjunction with codecs and can play your DVDs as originally intended within moments.

Microsoft has delivered two excellent additions to Windows. Windows 10 Pro and Education each have their unique advantages and disadvantages. Windows Education is ideal for use by universities and schools.

Features such as AppLocker can allow for an easy way to promote productivity and ensure that only suitable content reaches users. Microsoft Pro comes equipped with various tools designed for a business to use. It comes fitted with Cortana in specific locations. You can also use remote desktop features to manage the IT admin of your business without having to get out of your seat.

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Windows 10 pro education benefits free. Windows 10 Pro vs Home: what’s the difference?


Upgrade to Microsoft Edge to take advantage of the latest features, security updates, and technical support. Windows 10 Pro Education is a new offering in Windows 10, version This edition builds on the commercial version of Windows 10 Pro and provides important management controls needed in schools by providing education-specific default settings. If you have an education tenant and use devices with Windows 10 Pro, global administrators can opt in to a free change to Windows 10 Pro Education depending on your scenario.

To take advantage of this offering, make sure you meet the requirements for changing. For academic customers who are eligible to change to Windows 10 Pro Education, but are unable to use the above methods, contact Microsoft Support for assistance.

Customers who are federated with Azure AD are also eligible. For more information, see Review requirements on devices. If you haven’t domain joined your devices already, prepare for deployment of Windows 10 Pro Education licenses. You can compare Windows 10 Editions to find out more about the features we support in other editions of Windows For more info about Windows 10 default settings and recommendations for education customers, see Windows 10 configuration recommendations for education customers.

For schools that want to standardize all their Windows 10 Pro devices to Windows 10 Pro Education, a global admin for the school can opt in to a free change through the Microsoft Store for Education. See change using Microsoft Store for Education for details on how to turn on the change. For example, to apply the change for all teachers, select All Teachers and then select Settings. You can use Windows Configuration Designer to create a provisioning package that you can use to change the Windows edition for your device s.

In Windows Configuration Designer, select Provision desktop devices to open the simple editor and create a provisioning package for Windows desktop editions. Complete the rest of the process for creating a provisioning package and then apply the package to the devices you want to change to Windows 10 Pro Education.

Academic institutions can easily move from Windows 10 Pro to Windows 10 Pro Education without using activation keys or reboots. When one of your users enters their Azure AD credentials associated with a Windows 10 Pro Education license, the operating system changes to Windows 10 Pro Education and all the appropriate Windows 10 Pro Education features are unlocked.

Previously, only schools or organizations purchasing devices as part of the Shape the Future K program or with a Microsoft Volume Licensing Agreement could deploy Windows 10 Pro Education to their users.

When a user leaves the domain or you turn off the setting to automatically change to Windows 10 Pro Education, the device reverts seamlessly to Windows 10 Pro edition after a grace period of up to 30 days. For devices that originally had Windows 10 Pro edition installed, when a license expires or is transferred to another user, the Windows 10 Pro Education device seamlessly steps back down to Windows 10 Pro. Once you enable the setting to change to Windows 10 Pro Education, the change will begin only after a user signs in to their device.

The setting applies to the entire organization or tenant, so you can’t select which users will receive the change. The change will only apply to Windows 10 Pro devices. Sign in to Microsoft Store for Education with your work or school account. If you’re signing into the Microsoft Store for Education for the first time, you’ll be prompted to accept the Microsoft Store for Education Terms of Use.

Click Manage from the top menu and then select the Benefits tile. In the Benefits tile, look for the Change to Windows 10 Pro Education for free link and then click it. In the Change all your devices to Windows 10 Pro Education for free page, check box next to I understand enabling this setting will change all domain-joined devices running Windows 10 Pro in my organization.

A confirmation window pops up to let you know that an email has been sent to you to enable the change. In the email, click the link to Change to Windows 10 Pro Education.

Once you click the link, you are taken back to the Microsoft Store for Education portal. You’ll see a window that confirms you’ve successfully changed all the devices in your organization to Windows 10 Pro Education, and each Azure AD joined device running Windows 10 Pro will automatically change the next time someone in your organization signs in to the device. Enabling the automatic change also triggers an email message notifying all global administrators in your organization about the change.

It also contains a link that enables any global administrators to cancel the change if they choose. That’s it! No other steps are needed. Now that you’ve turned on the setting to automatically change to Windows 10 Pro Education, the users are ready to change their devices running Windows 10 Pro, version or higher, version to Windows 10 Pro Education edition.

Users can join a device to Azure AD the first time they start the device during setup , or they can join a device that they already use running Windows 10 Pro, version or higher, version During initial device setup, on the How would you like to set up? On the Sign in with Microsoft page, enter the username and password to use with Office or other services from Microsoft, and then click Next. Go through the rest of Windows device setup.

Once you’re done, the device will be Azure AD joined to your school’s subscription. To join a device to Azure AD when the device already has Windows 10 Pro, version installed and set up.

In the Set up a work or school account window, click the Join this device to Azure Active Directory option at the bottom. On the Let’s get you signed in window, enter the Azure AD credentials username and password and sign in. The device is joined with the school’s Azure AD. You should now see a connection under the Connect to work or school section that indicates the device is connected to Azure AD.

The Windows 10 Pro Education license associated with the user will enable Windows 10 Pro Education edition capabilities on the device. If there are any problems with the Windows 10 Pro Education license or the activation of the license, the Activation panel will display the appropriate error message or status. You can use this information to help you diagnose the licensing and activation process. In some instances, users may experience problems with the Windows 10 Pro Education change.

The most common problems that users may experience are as follows:. Figure 10 – Illustrates a device in a healthy state, where the existing operating system is activated, and the Windows 10 Pro Education change is active. Figure 11 – Illustrates a device on which the existing operating system isn’t activated, but the Windows 10 Pro Education change is active. You can use the following procedures to review whether a particular device meets requirements.

Review the output under Device State. If a device is running a previous version of Windows 10 Pro for example, version , it will not be changed to Windows 10 Pro Education when a user signs in, even if the user has been assigned a license.

If your organization has the Windows 10 Pro to Windows 10 Pro Education change enabled, and you decide to roll back to Windows 10 Pro or to cancel the change, perform the following task:. Once the automatic change to Windows 10 Pro Education is turned off, the change is effective immediately.

Devices that were changed will revert to Windows 10 Pro only after the license has been refreshed every 30 days and the next time the user signs in. Therefore, users whose device was changed may not immediately see Windows 10 Pro Education rolled back to Windows 10 Pro for up to 30 days.

However, users who haven’t signed in during the time that a change was enabled and then turned off will never see their device change from Windows 10 Pro. Sign in to Microsoft Store for Education with your school or work account, or follow the link from the notification email to turn off the automatic change. You’ll be asked if you’re sure that you want to turn off automatic changes to Windows 10 Pro Education. Click Yes. All global admins get a confirmation email that a request was made to roll back your organization to Windows 10 Pro.

You need to synchronize these identities so that users will have a single identity that they can use to access their on-premises apps and cloud services that use Azure AD such as Windows 10 Pro Education. This means that users can use their existing credentials to sign in to Azure AD and access the cloud services that you provide and manage for them. Azure AD Connect is a service that you can install on-premises or in a virtual machine in Azure.

Deploy Windows 10 in a school Deploy Windows 10 in a school district Compare Windows 10 editions Windows 10 subscription activation. Skip to main content. This browser is no longer supported. Download Microsoft Edge More info. Table of contents Exit focus mode. Table of contents. Note If a device is running a previous version of Windows 10 Pro for example, version , it will not be changed to Windows 10 Pro Education when a user signs in, even if the user has been assigned a license.

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