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Drone Videography

Drone Videography – Elite Video of Tampa

Drone Videography – Elite Video of Tampa

Elevate your vision with Elite Videographer Tampa, the premier provider for drone videography and aerial photography services in Tampa Bay and surrounding locations like Sarasota, Clearwater, and Orlando. Whether you’re a real estate agent looking to showcase a property or a business owner desiring a unique advertising angle, our FAA-approved drone pilots are equipped to deliver stunning drone videos and aerial photos.

Why Choose Us for Your Drone Photography Needs

  • FAA Approved: Complying with all FAA regulations, including part 107, we ensure that your drone footage is captured safely and responsibly.
  • Experienced Drone Pilots: Our team consists of industry-certified drone pilots who are skilled in capturing aerial imagery across various locations.
  • Serving Multiple Industries: From real estate to construction, marketing, and events, we cater to diverse industry requirements.
  • Cutting-edge Drone Technology: Utilizing advanced UAVs and cameras, we offer drone solutions that go beyond basic photography services.
  • Geographical Reach: Beyond Tampa, we extend our drone photography services to nearby locations like Sarasota, Clearwater, and Orlando.

Our Drone Videography Services

Real Estate Drone Videos

Captivate potential clients with dynamic drone videos showcasing the property from a unique aerial perspective. Our FAA-approved drone pilots are skilled in capturing stunning footage in Tampa Bay and across Florida.

Event Videography

Capture the essence of events, concerts, sports, and weddings through our exceptional aerial videography services. From the field to the stage, our drone technology captures the vibe of any event.

Aerial Mapping & Data Collection

In industries like construction and environmental studies, we offer aerial mapping and data collection features. Our drones are capable of covering large areas and gathering precise data.

Blog and Information Updates

Keep up-to-date with our latest projects, features, and drone photography advancements in our blog. We regularly post about drone innovations, location-specific shoots, and offer information beneficial to people in the marketing and photography field.

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Elite Videographer Tampa offers more than just a product; we offer an unparalleled experience in aerial videography and photography services across Tampa, Florida, and neighboring locations. Unlock new opportunities with us today!


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Drones are the ultimate means of securing that remarkable aerial shot you have been looking for, enabling local businesses to benefit from more sophisticated videography. Despite drones making it easier to capture quality shots, they can be quite costly and may need to be registered with the authorities. They may also prove difficult to operate at first which can pose a safety risk. The professionals at Elite Video Tampa are highly-trained and experienced in Drone Operation and Photography. From Outdoor Event Photography, Small Business Photography to Real Estate Photography, we can assist you to capture perfect aerial shots that will meet your unique needs and requirements.


Working with an expert videographer helps you gain various unique and original ideas and concepts. This is on top of having a professional Drone Operator that can capture those amazing shots you have been looking for. Drones have a wide variety of applications ranging from getting wide panning shots that capture vast outdoor areas and landscapes, to tracking shots that follow specific subjects or paths. We make use of various types and styles of Drone Videography. With the assistance of experienced Drone Operators, you can capture excellent shots for your Video Production Project. We are confident you will be satisfied with our professionalism and quality of work.


Currently, there are Federal laws that regulate the ownership and use of Drones in public and private places within the state of New York. With Registration Fees at an all time high, it can prove costly and difficult to do Drone Videography especially if you only need to do it once. This is why it is highly recommended to hire a certified and registered Drone expert so as to avoid all the related paperwork and fees. If you have any concerns about Drone Operations within the state and what is/is-not permitted under Federal, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


Drone Video Editing Software is different from traditional Video Editing Software and can sometimes be more costly which is why we offer a dedicated Drone Video Editing service. Why should you pay for half the work to be done when you can have your entire project completed by the same team? You can share your amazing ideas with us and we will be more than happy to incorporate them in the Editing process. Our main objective is to meet and exceed your expectations, which is why we really value your input. Call us today to learn more about our Drone Videography and Drone Video Editing services in the state of New York.


We are committed to ensuring that we deliver exactly what you are looking for in regards to creativity, authentic and originality. When undertaking any Videography project, we are fully aware that getting that perfect aerial requires a great deal of effort and time. This is why we always make use of latest equipment and techniques to get you the best results. If you want to learn more about how we keep you informed throughout the entire process, from initial production preparation to post-production and Drone Video Editing, let us know. We make sure that we strictly adhere to your overall vision and creative style and plan. We are more than happy to share with you how we guarantee customer satisfaction in all our Videography projects.

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