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Final Cut Pro – Compressor – Apple – Optimized for Apple Silicon

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Then add audio effects like Peak Limiter and Time Pitch to fine-tune your sound before export. Compressor makes it simple to package your film for submission to the iTunes Store. Easily import and organize your movie, trailer, closed captions, and subtitles. Open the inspector to view information and add metadata to any video or audio file. Audition video with any audio, caption, or subtitle to verify sync. Continuous playback lets you check sync while switching between alternative audio tracks, subtitles, and captions.

Collect all your assets in an iTunes Store package, with the option to use your ProRes source video and audio files without additional compression. Reassign audio channels and use automatic subtitle language detection to add key metadata. Enhance the movie-watching experience for viewers with vision or hearing impairments. Create and edit closed captions right in Compressor without the need for third-party software, and bundle audio description files in your iTunes Store package.

Built-in error detection helps you identify issues with your iTunes Store package. Use the validation interface to select an error or warning and navigate directly to the source of the issue. Learn more about iTunes delivery partners.

With distributed encoding features built into Compressor, you can easily use other Mac computers on your network to speed up encoding jobs. Distributed encoding features are part of Compressor, with no need for a separate application. Just install Compressor on any Mac on your network and activate it as a cluster node for distributed encoding. Encode jobs without dedicated hardware by using preconfigured groups of Mac computers on your network. The Shared Computers feature sets up clusters of encoding nodes based on the availability of designated computers.

It can even tap idle processing cores on a single computer, using all the processing power of multicore systems. Choose from thousands of custom transitions, titles, and motion graphics. Work directly with third-party applications through workflow extensions. Learn more. Unleash your creative potential with the Pro Apps Bundle for qualifying college students, teachers, and education institutions. Get all five professional applications for video and music creation at a special price — including Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Compressor, along with Logic Pro and MainStage.

Buy now. Final Cut Pro. Free Trial Free Trial. Buy Final Cut Pro. Compressor Powerful encoding. Seamless integration with Final Cut Pro. Interface Performance Custom Settings. Up to Up to 8. Up to 1. Support for industry standards. HDR You can view High Dynamic Range footage on any recent Mac that displays an extended range of brightness, and see the video right in the viewer before starting a batch export.

Closed Captions Easily view, adjust, and export closed captions, with the ability to import caption files — even in multiple languages — into a single batch or iTunes Store package. This message occurs because Apple Compressor 4. To quit an app, the common way is to right click app icon on the Dock and choose Quit option.

Additionally, if Apple Compressor 4. Hold down the app icon until all the icons begin to jiggle, then click the delete button that appears in the upper left corner of the icon, and click Delete again in the pop-up dialog to execute the uninstallation. Try to open the folder where the app is stored or its installation package file if you still keep it on your Mac. If there is an items with the name of Uninstall, double-click to launch it and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the removal process.

After having successfully uninstalled Apple Compressor 4. Some users may think that leaving invalid preferences and support files on the hard drive does not do much harm. Well, that depends. But it is not recommended to leave them alone if you want to perform a fresh installation, or reclaim valuable disk space. Removing related items from both these locations is necessary to completely uninstall Apple Compressor 4.

Junk files could be found in the following directories:. Manually hunting down app remnants in the system directories requires certain time and adequate knowledge. Mac beginners are suggested to run a reputable uninstaller e. Osx Uninstaller to get the job done. If you insist on deleting Apple Compressor 4.

After having removed all Apple Compressor 4. If that does not work, then empty the Trash in Safe Mode. Thoroughly removing an app from Mac computer can be easier than you think, but also can be tough if the app does not obey the rules.

Some apps will take measures to prevent users from uninstalling themselves, some may create ambiguous files hidden in deep directories that you cannot detect by simple search, while some could even not show up on your Mac after an accidental installation. Those large, stubborn or malicious software upset even advanced users. So, how to remove them effectively? If you still cannot be able to uninstall Apple Compressor 4.

As a lightweight yet powerful utility, Osx Uninstaller will guarantee you a clean, complete uninstallation result. Actually, you just need to take a few simple clicks and the whole removal process can be done in seconds. There is totally no need to empty the Trash or manually search for app leftovers.



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How To Uninstall Apple Compressor from Mac OS

Plus, with batch export, you can process hundreds of dailies with just a few easy clicks. A sleek interface matches Final Cut Pro and makes it simple to navigate compression projects. Some apps will take measures to prevent users from uninstalling themselves, some may create ambiguous files hidden in deep directories that you cannot detect by simple search, while some could even not show up on your Mac after an accidental installation. Distributed encoding features are part of Compressor, with no need for a separate application. Its powerful mechanism helps users to save their custom settings in Compressor and enjoy them in Final Cut Pro. These cookies track visitors across websites and collect information to provide customized ads.

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