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Make It in a Minute: Freeform Gradients – How to Install & Use Illustrator Brushes

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Learn how to apply and edit freeform gradients to achieve more natural and freeform color blending in Adobe Illustrator. In Illustrator, you can create, apply, and modify a gradient using the Gradient panel, the Gradient tool, or the Control panel.


Create gradients in Illustrator.


Then click the gradient preview in the Properties panel to open the Gradient Editor. Experiment with his gradients to find the one you like the most for your project. Open the Background Modification layer group and turn on the visibility of each adjustment layer to try out different looks.

A freeform gradient can be applied in two modes:. After changing the gradient type, a series of color stops will appear in the artwork. The number and color of those color stops may be different depending on the artwork in your document.

Tip : To change the color of more than one color stop at a time, Shift-click the color stops you wish to edit, then click the Fill color in the Properties panel and adjust the color for all of them.

Aside from adding color using color stops, you can also draw a line that you can blend the same or different colors along. Gradient lines will make the color along the path have a more solid appearance. Drag to reposition the points or double-click any of them on the path to edit their color. Press Delete or Backspace to remove them or click on the line to add new points. To edit the individual color stops that are not associated with a line, select the Points option in the Properties panel.

You can then select and edit points. If you decided not to play with illegal programs, read on and you will learn how to get an original Adobe Illustrator for free without violating the law. Having chosen this plan, you will get Adobe Illustrator CS5 software and detailed guides on its usage. This program is developed to create and edit vector graphics on a computer and iPad. Moreover, you will get GB of cloud storage. Moreover, you can opt for Adobe Illustrator free trial to test its capabilities without spending a cent.

If you need a complete collection of Adobe products, this plan is your option. This bundle will enable you to work with photos, 3D-graphics, use original special effects, etc. In addition, as a pleasant bonus, you will get GB of cloud storage. If you are a designer who draws digitally on a tablet, Adobe Draw is a perfect tool for you. It impresses the users with its styling artwork and adjustable brushes.

Standard stencils, squares, French curves, polygons, and speech bubbles for comics will boost your productivity in Adobe Illustrator Draw and save much time. I have compiled the list of the best free alternatives to this portable version that might interest you. Inkscape is a unique-format app. All the functions are available via a clear and stable UI.

Consider this free Lipstick Vector Brush Pack for Illustrator if you need a unique vector brush for a fashion or beauty project. The pack contains five individual brushes and is free for personal and commercial use. This brush pack contains a set of 56 various Illustrator brushes, including stipple brushes, chalk and pastel, ink, flourish, patterns, and more. The download also includes four distressed stipple seamless vector swatches.

You can easily adjust the width of the rope and change its color. The brush is free for personal and commercial projects. This brush pack is a perfect choice if you need to add a real-life hand-drawn feel to your illustrations. The free pack contains a total of 30 brushes with infinite length. You can use these brushes to create unique backgrounds or trims for wedding invitations. The free package contains 38 brushes, and they can be used in personal and commercial projects.

This huge set of Illustrator brushes contains 42 watercolor brushes and a bonus set of 42 black pattern brushes. You can easily use them to create mandalas, wreaths, or borders.


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