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Daniel took AP Statistics, AP Calculus, AP Physics, and AP History while in high school. He then took a job as a math and science tutor at Kweller Prep, working weekends and late evenings throughout his years mcap discord at Kweller Prep. Dan successfully finished all his coursework in medical school, interviewed across America. His goals are to complete a residency in ObGyn and then pursue a fellowship in Gynecology Oncology.

mcap discord

Kweller Prep Offers Advanced Test Preparation In Small Group Settings Of 8

Daddy has kindly requested that Jessica interns at the New York State District Attorney’s office each summer after college to build her lawyer skills prior to entering the world of entrepreneurship. Baby Jessica can already hold miniature tennis balls, which is a clear indication that she will pursue colleges offering Division 1 Tennis Opportunities.

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Now a tutor at Kweller Prep, Camilla teaches SAT classes and is available to teach private sessions in numerous subjects. JESSICA IVY is the official first baby of Kweller Prep, and hopes to become a lawyer and business owner just like her mommy! Throughout her youth, Jessica Ivy will attend the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Programs, or CTY, across America, as well as participate in Duke University’s TIP program (to become a “tipster”). She will engage in leadership activities starting as early as the age of 10. Jessica will hold key positions at her school’s mock trial, debate and model UN teams at school.

In her free time, Jessica enjoys listening to Mozart for the Mind and watching Baby Einstein videos. YUCHEN graduated from New York University, magna cum laude, as a Biology major and Chemistry minor. mcap discord He will attend the Albert Einstein School of Medicine He earned a 4.0 in each of the upper level biology courses. Yuchen scored a 516 on the MCAT, placing him in the 95.5% nationally on the MCAT exam.

YEHUDA is a rising sophomore at the prestigious Sophie Davis BS/MD program, which is a combined 7 year medical school program. He currently maintains a 4.0 GPA at Sophie Davis, and is an active member of his school’s acapella group. At Sophie Davis, he has taken Cellular Biology, Narrative Medicine, Physics , Chemistry, Population Heath, Science Research, Writing for mcap discord the Sciences, and Professional Foundations. Yehuda is an alumni of Townsend Harris High School and received a score of 1510/1600 on the SAT, with a perfect score of 800/800 on math. In senior year of high school, Yehuda took AP Psychology, AP Calculus BC, AP Government and Politics, and AP Spanish Literature, in addition to two college classes at Queens College.

At her high school, she participated in the school’s varsity soccer team, managed the school basketball team, wrote in the school newspaper, founded an after-school sewing club, and participated in student government. Since her freshman year in high school, Camilla has worked with Ecuador’s Rotary Club microcredit program to help provide small loans to individuals looking to begin their own venture. Along with this, she has shadowed investors at Morgan Stanley and worked closely with traders and financial analysts at AllianceBernstein prior to starting her first year in college. Camilla spent two summers at Kweller to prepare for the SAT and received a 1530/1600 along with a 780/800 on the Math II Subject Test.

She attended the Baccalaureate School for Global Education where she participated in the rigorous IB diploma program and graduated as the Valedictorian of her class. Outside of school, Camilla has attended law classes for high school students mcap discord at Columbia University, taken business and computer science classes at NYU, and participated in the Harvard Debate summer program. Additionally, she volunteered at a middle school where she taught students entrepreneurial skills.

  • While in high school Mo, interned at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan, conducting clinical research that is now part of 3 published articles.
  • At the same time, he rose in the ranks at CityMD, where he began as a scribe documenting and saw patients with providers before becoming a scribe supervisor and trainer for CityMD’s corporate office.
  • After graduation, he worked as a researcher at Columbia University’s Timothy C. Wang Lab where he worked with researchers in studying gastro-esophageal cancer remedies in mice with regards to the IL-1beta gene.
  • In those two years he sat for the LSAT, GMAT, GRE, and MCAT scorning a 172/180, a 760/800, a perfect score, and a 515/528 on those exams respectively.
  • Mo went on to attend New York University’s College of Arts and Sciences for his undergraduate degree.
  • At NYU, he double majored in Global Public Health and Biochemistry with a chemistry minor while being part of the Presidential Honors Scholars.

Thus far, Jessica can only babble, but her mommy knows this is an indication that she desires to be a linguistics major on a pre-law track in an Ivy League college and aspires to receive merit-based and athletic-based scholarships. Jessica will apply early action to colleges, and will pursue a JD/MBA to become a lawyer and business owner just like her mommy, and dedicate much of her adult life to helping others pursue their educational dreams and career goals.

His younger brother, Zaid, who is at Stonybrook BSMD +4, is also gainfully employed at Kweller Prep on weekends. Fazeel has taught a the Hunter and SHSAT classes at Kweller Prep for four years. When not at Kweller Prep, Fazeel plays way too many video games; Fortnite is his favorite. FRANCES is the founder of Kweller Preparation Tutoring and Educational Services, Inc. Her company was featured in the New York Times, the New York Post, Noticias, Russian Ladies World, and CityBizList, to name a few. Kweller Prep was designed with Frances’ desire to help students reach their academic goals. Her dream was to build a learning academy, which became a reality nearly 15 years ago.

mcap discord

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Frances is the proud only child of immigrants, and she is fluent in Russian and Spanish. Today, her company Kweller Prep has serviced thousands of students, employs nearly hand-picked 100 tutors, and has over twenty exam-specific textbooks sold on Amazon. Kweller Prep is a 100% government-certified women-owned business and an NYC Department of Education Vendor. Kweller mcap discord Prep is a success story; a program fueled by thousands of families looking to help their children succeed. Frances Kweller is proud to be a part of the American Dream and very grateful for her education, her young family , and her role in helping others reach their academic goals. DAN is a Resident Doctor at LIJ (ranked #10 nationwide in gynecology in US News).

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Dan graduated from medical school with honors at the University of Buffalo. He attended the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. He was been placed into residency at placement into Obstetrics and Gynecology residency in March 2019. He was one of the original tutors for Kweller mcap discord Prep and has taught a wide variety of Math, Science, and Placement exam courses. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Hunter College in 2015 with a major in Biochemistry and a Minor in Mathematics. During that time he taught college-level science courses for the University as well as the MCAT.

Through experience, Yuchen has developed the skillset to excel in any class by generating a mental concept map for all of the topics learned. He is elated to mentor the next generation of students to adopt the skills that he has learned over the years to guarantee success for their future endeavors. Yuchen currently participates in cancer stem cell research, specializing in hybrid spheroids at a SUNY downstate. Every week, Yuchen volunteers his time to Rescuing Leftover Cuisines, where he streamline deliveries to designated homeless shelter by managing a small team of volunteers. When not at Kweller Prep, Yuchen enjoys playing handball at parks, going to museums, as well as exercising at the gym.

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