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This topic is for programmers. They are installed automatically. These drivers and their installation files are included in Windows. The drivers are updated through Windows Update.

If you are writing a custom driver: Before writing a driver for your USB device, determine whether a Microsoft-provided driver meets the device requirements. If a Microsoft-provided driver is not available for the USB device class to which your device belongs, then consider using generic drivers, Winusb. Write a driver only when necessary. More guidelines are included in Choosing a driver model for developing a USB client driver.

USB Device classes are categories of devices with similar characteristics and that perform common functions. Each device class is identified by USB-IF approved class, subclass, and protocol codes, all of which are provided by the IHV in device descriptors in the firmware. Microsoft provides in-box drivers for several of those device classes, called USB device class drivers.

If a device that belongs to a supported device class is connected to a system, Windows automatically loads the class driver, and the device functions with no additional driver required. Hardware vendors should not write drivers for the supported device classes. Windows class drivers might not support all of the features that are described in a class specification. If some of the device’s capabilities are not implemented by the class driver, vendors should provide supplementary drivers that work in conjunction with the class driver to support the entire range of functionality provided by the device.

Windows categorizes devices by device setup classes , which indicate the functionality of the device. Microsoft defines setup classes for most devices. This class is not used for USB host controllers and hubs. The device setup classes are different from USB device classes discussed earlier.

For example, an audio device has a USB device class code of 01h in its descriptor. When connected to a system, Windows loads the Microsoft-provided class driver, Usbaudio. In Device Manager, the device is shown under is Sound, video and game controllers , which indicates that the device setup class is Media.

For more information, see USB serial driver Usbser. See, MB Interface Model. For a description of the role that Usbscan. For information about implementation of the printer class in Windows, see the Printing – Architecture and Driver Support website. For information about Windows storage support, see the Storage Technologies website. See USB host-side drivers in Windows. Note that for Windows Server , Windows XP, and Windows , special instructions are required for loading this driver because it might have been released later than the operating system.

Note Usbccid. Some content security functionality is implemented in Usbccgp. See Content Security Features in Usbccgp. Note that for Windows XP, special instructions are required for loading this driver because it might have been released later than the operating system. For more information, see Bluetooth Design Guide. For further information about networking support in Windows, see Networking and Wireless Technologies. Feedback will be sent to Microsoft: By pressing the submit button, your feedback will be used to improve Microsoft products and services.

Privacy policy. Skip to main content. Contents Exit focus mode. Important This topic is for programmers. Is this page helpful? Yes No. Any additional feedback? Skip Submit. Submit and view feedback for This product This page. View all page feedback. Microsoft provides support for the USB audio device class by means of the Usbaudio. For more information about Windows audio support, see the Audio Device Technologies for Windows website. Windows 10 for desktop editions Windows 8.

In Windows 8. Microsoft provides the UsbNcm. Starting in Windows 8, Microsoft provides the wmbclass. Windows 10 for desktop editions Windows 10 Mobile Windows 8. Microsoft provides the HID class driver Hidclass. Microsoft provides the Usbscan. USB Note Usbprint. Microsoft provides the Usbprint.

Microsoft provides the Usbstor. Microsoft provides the Usbhub. Microsoft provides the Usbhub3. Microsoft provides the Usbccid. Microsoft provides USB video class support by means of the Usbvideo. Microsoft provides the Bthusb.


Microsoft common controller for windows class download free


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Microsoft common controller for windows class download free.Microsoft XBOX 360 Controller For Windows drivers for Windows 10 x64

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