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To search: on Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, Windows 10, and Windows 11 – Select the Find button under the How do I hide a chat in Skype? Hiding a conversation removes it from your chat list view, and it will remain hidden until a new message arrives, or you choose to make your hidden. Get Skype Instant messaging support for your Skype for Windows 10 & 11 and stay connected with friends and family from wherever you are. Jul 27,  · The following steps work for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Quit Skype. If you can see the Skype icon in the task bar, right-click it and select Quit. If you can’t see it, right click the task bar (or press Ctrl+Alt+Delete) and click Task Manager, then select Skype and click End Task. Press the Windows and R.


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Today, Microsoft unleashed a salvo of news regarding Windows Whether it was news for the desktop OS, gaming or something about holograms, there was something for everyone. After the main event, the press spent a good five hours in private tours of Microsoft’s new announcements. Although video was not allowed, there was plenty of nitty-gritty that they revealed.

First up, Skype. This change is a total throwback to the early Windows Phone days with the Messaging Hub, and it’s a welcome return. However, what about the Skype app—do you still need it for Windows 10 on the phone? We are told that calls, video and messaging are all built right into the new operating system via a new Phone and Messaging app.

Perhaps, what is more interesting is the Messaging app is now a Store App. This is how Microsoft is getting around the original problem of having Skype in Messaging. Formerly, Messaging was a native OS component. Putting Skype into Messaging was fine but it held up Skype innovation—if they changed Skype’s backend — something that often happens — Windows Phone users were screwed.

Skype was yanked and made a separate app for Windows Phone 8. Now, with Windows 10, Skype goes back in but the core VoIP and messaging stuff is now properly separated, letting Microsoft update it if necessary. This is that “native” Skype experience people have wanted but gives Microsoft the flexibility that they need.

Next month’s Windows 10 preview for phone will still have the current “call” screen with Skype enhancements, but that too is expected to change later. That preview though will have a new Phone and Messaging app with those new Skype bits. It should be kind of awesome. Finally, Skype also has actionable notifications. This feature means when a message comes in you can respond to it in the Toast notification directly. Seeing as how the Messaging app for Windows 10 is universal, that app may very well head to PCs and tablets in the future.

All in all, very exciting stuff, especially since this appears to “solve” complaints about the Skype app. We will have to wait and see though how well it all works upon release and further development.

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More about windows Windows 10 version 22H2 announced, and its first build is available fo Topics Skype. See all comments This is something that is really needed for Skype to be truly useful on phone. I agree, this is a frustration I have had with Skype on my phone.

I was truly upset when the messaging hub was disbanded and everything separated. I loved the seamless integration of all messages in one location for each contract. This was the major reason my brother switched from Android to WP. When it changed, he was upset.

Looking forward to the integration once again. Why is every navigation bar is at top? Will this not cause problems on huge screen phones? People that have huge screen phones should have huge hands. It’s called swipping if you’re talking about the history, speed dial, and voicemail bar. You swipe between the selections.

Yeah guys come on. Swipper no swipping! Yes, it will cause problems. They do it because the UI designers don’t know any better. This was indeed required :.

Over the last year Microsoft seems to have it’s head out of its ass and started to show interesting things for once. It proves one thing, they have been listening. They’re slow to correct it, but they have been listening. I think it’s on the roadmap, I mean, it’s kind of obvious I think Also, are normal non-Skype Messaging notifications also actionable? Actionable SMS notifications were demoed in the keynote.

Only the mails that couldn’t fit inside the notification centre have the down arrow, suggesting the down arrow may not be for actionable notification rather just to expand the mail and read it. Oh man great eye lol you are correct, that makes sense.

Anyway though, yes Joe did say that developers can implement their own actionable notifications as they please. Im assuming music apps might want to have some unique buttons on there and so on : By March we’ll see a clearer picture. Yeah, let’s hope the most in the early previews. Ideally there will be a few different kinds of elements that developers can put in there — limited to keep it tidy, but a good selection.

A text-field-with-send-button-combo would be a great option for any messaging app. Probably, if they release an api for that SMS messages are already backed up in the cloud, so it’s really just syncing it on the other end.

Since it’s a universal app, that shouldn’t be the problem. They could use Skype for that as well they already support using your phone number for caller id or just use the phone itself and disable the SMS option if the phone isn’t nearby.

Will other IM services like watsapp have actionable notifications. Hopefully the Xbox services can be built into windows 10 also. Adding gamer tags to contacts should be as easy as adding any other contact. Xbox app is tied to People app directly, yes. That was one hell of a show that Microsoft put on, enjoyed every minute, So many positive’s. This WPC App has brought me so many views on things, I would never have known about Preview for developer, all the little apps you have recommended for free.

I agree completely, I have a tab to windows central pinned on my chrome I reallly hope spartan has tab pinning, its the one thing that stopped me from using ie!

Ooh interesting! That’s something that wasn’t in the keynote today. I’m so excited. Microsoft is doing an amazing job. This is what I’m begging for, not only PC but tablets and Xbox one. The sms comes through whatever device you may be currently using and Kinect or camera recognizing which device you are in front of at the time. If it doesn’t recognize you in front of a device the sums will default to the mobile device. How awesome would that be. That would be mega awesome. Yes, exactly. Whatever device you may be using should be where the SMS comes to.

It will be when they’ve finished. Oh, man I’d love to use Cortana on HoloLens The wife heard me. I never thought about Cortana on HoloLens, if they don’t do that, that’d be a major mistake Cortana on HaloLens with that full Cortana body would be so As a personal assistant, she’s a circle even in HoloLens you can see her in the keynote during the holo workshop demo above the menu. However I’m sure she could show up in all her nubile glory in a Halo companion app for HoloLens.

Not just SMSs but phone calls too. You call me and I’m at the Mac I can pick up on the Mac. Apple is about 3 years ahead of Microsoft right now. Microsoft is getting better, but they have a long way to go before people like me switch back to Windows. Yup we are aware. But how does Apple decipher different users without logging in and out.

What if someone else is logged in under your name. Microsoft can take it a step further by using facial recognition through the cam or Kinect to decipher which user is using what device.


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Skype for Windows Softonic review Video chat, texting and instant messaging in one Skype for Windows 8 brings Skype’s excellent video chat software to Windows 8 with a slick, modern user interface. Video calling, instant messaging and more There are plenty of things to like about Skype for Windows 8, as it delivers the full Skype experience. More Close. Adebayo reviewed on April 14, Skype 8. Skype for Business Your review for Skype for Windows Your review for Skype for Windows 10 Thank you for rating!

Leave a review. App specs License Free Version 8. Last month’s downloads 36K. Skype More Programs Skype for Windows 10 Skype for Business MSN Messenger 7. Skype 8. One of the benefits associated with Skype is that it is able to support conference calls. This is very useful in terms of webinars or when chatting with a group of friends. Up to 25 callers can be supported at the same time.

One of the reasons why many individuals choose this platform arises from the fact that it is free to download and install. You can call mobile and phone line numbers at reasonable charges. Offer the best performances online or display to grannie how cool it is to use Skype. Find out fresh methods to cooperate with display sharing. However, please keep in mind that this variant will only work with smartphone systems that already have Windows 10 installed.

It is possible to include other users within a call by clicking on multiple contacts once an initial call has been made. The green handset button will display “Call Group”. All selected members will be called simultaneously. There have been many changes in recent times.

Some of the latest updates include the addition of in-call emoticons, the ability to chat with others without requesting them as friends and a more streamlined notification panel. Historically speaking, Skype tends to be updated every few months.

However, there can also be times when more than one update occurs within less than a four-week period. This will depend upon any pertinent changes that have been made. This is a possibility. Once the user has logged out of his or her account, it is necessary to search for the “classic” Skype for Windows within the C: drive.

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