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View our privacy policy and terms of use. Snagit is here! Daniel heads up the marketing and product strategy side for Snagit. By creating a preset in Snagit you can bind a multi-step process to a hotkey to save time and effort on oft-repeated tasks. Interval capture is a lesser known feature of Snagit. Sign Up for our Newsletter Sign Up. Are You Still Watching?

The new Snagit Basics video series is geared toward the inexperienced computer user. In these five short videos, we cover the bare essentials — everything from locating Snagit on your Windows PC to sending pictures and videos via email. Each video is a step-by-step walkthrough set a comfortably slow pace, perfect for learning Snagit from scratch or for helping a friend get started with Snagit.

Snagit allows you to take a quick screencast with audio, cut a few moments out, and then share it to anyone, anywhere. Snagit can help you research, organize, and even visualize your project. Take a few minutes to watch this video and see how Snagit can help you with your summer projects. As a Snagit lover, this is one of my biggest pet peeves in life!

Drag images from the Snagit tray directly into Messages. The day I was introduced to Snagit , my world changed. Fast-forward about 4 years and my use of Snagit is an hourly occurrence.

Snagit Training Tip 1: Snagit Video. Use Snagit to quickly create a one of a kind invitation for your Halloween party or any occasion. Watch this short tutorial to learn how. Watch it on Screencast.

Below are the steps to create a mirrored image with Snagit Thankfully, Snagit is able to save you time by taking your handwritten signature and turning it into a reusable image that can be applied to all electronic documents requiring a sign off. Then, take a quick screenshot with Snagit try our free trial! This will allow you to bring the signature into the Snagit Editor.

Now that you have your desired electronic signature in Snagit , we can make it a Stamp for future use. Layered graphics are impressive to see and they are fast and easy to create using Snagit Thankfully, Snagit can help you out.

Snagit lets you capture any image to visually compare almost any feature you can find. And remember— Snagit also works with images from your digital camera or smart phone. Check out all of our free, downloadable Snagit Stamps! Snagit outputs make it easy for you to share any of your ideas with the people close to you.

Did you know Snagit automatically gathers metadata for you during the capture process? Application : The application Snagit captured from. Website : The website Snagit captured from.

Open Snagit Editor and select the Library tab. To begin, open the Snagit Editor and create a new image. There is a setting you will need to enable so the Snagit Editor does not minimize when you start your capture. Click on the Program Options tab and uncheck Hide Snagit before capturing. Now return to the Snagit Editor. In the Snagit Editor you can review your video, save individual frames as images, or save your video as an MP4.

Snagit now has webcam video capability, and you can easily toggle between webcam and screen recording during a video to add a personal touch with teammates or clients, no matter where they are. Download a free trial of Snagit now. In this short video, I show you how to use the color theme from a logo, image, or screen capture to make color-coordinated assets.

Then, I go over how to save them to your Quick Styles for reuse. Snagit offers several ways to get precision in your captures during the capture and editing processes.

Use these tips to help you get exactly what you want in your image captures. Use the following tips to capture exactly what you want when selecting an area with the All-in-One Image Capture option. The Pixel Grid option in Snagit Editor can help you to line up or control the spacing of objects and annotations on the canvas. Here are 5 tips to create amazing pictures for you blog with Snagit. In Snagit go to Image tab and choose Resize.

Snagit has a number of styles and shapes for any liking. I have put my top 10 tips and tricks into a short, illustrated PDF guide that you can download here: [link]. I would love to hear about your tips and tricks for creating great images. These open lines can easily be repaired using the pen tool in Snagit Editor.

In Snagit , open the black and white image to be used for the template. If you have the patience to create a work of art, use Snagit as your coloring box and tackle one of these highly detailed pages. Did you know that Snagit also has stamps?

My good friend, Geetesh Bajaj , at Scrapbook Presentations has made some new stamps for Snagit that you can get for free. These are perfect for anyone wanting to add fireworks or an American Flag to their Snagit captures.

You can download your free Snagit stamps here. With Snagit , we wanted to do the same thing. Snagit finally got personal, with. Customization in Snagit. In Snagit 13 Windows and Snagit 4 Mac , you can fully customize your workflows throughout the entire process.

The way you might use Snagit for sales, marketing, technical communications, or software development is all very different. Looking to simplify your Snagit capture workflow? Want to use the same styles and options that you are familiar with in Jing in Snagit? This tutorial describes how to set up Snagit on Windows to capture, edit, and share similar to Jing. Snagit OneClick provides quick access for your capturing needs. While Snagit does not have a texture filter, you can easily make your own custom textures using patterns you find in images.

Snagit has two modes… video capture and image capture. Do you use Snagit for digital feedback in other ways with your students? Need a way to get your photos into Snagit? In Snagit Editor, open the desired image. Snagit Tips for Lectora e-Learning Software.

When you edit an image in Snagit , the image is automatically updated in your Lectora Inspire title with the roundtripping feature. But did you know that using Snagit video can save you time?

First, use video capture to record the entire process up front. Then, play it back to figure out what screenshots you need. It automatically removes excess, unused area from around the image. There are a few popular cases where the Trim tool can be handy in saving you from having to manually drag each edge of your canvas toward the edge of the image. There is a work-around if you’d like to do this with Snagit. Chris McQueen recently made a great tutorial for the Snagit Newsletter showing exactly how to do this.

What other tasks would you like to do with Snagit? Guest post by graphic designer and Snagit fan Jonathan Moody. Second, they use Snagit to add color commentary and annotations before uploading their picture to Twitter, sharing it with everyone. To get up and running, you will need a Twitter account and a copy of Snagit.

Did you know you can assign a unique hotkey to each profile in Snagit on Windows? This allows you to select a specific profile and start a capture without having to ever open Snagit.


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Maximum recent files. Select Low, Medium, or High frame rate for video recordings. Enable spell check.

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